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You are the captain of your WAKA (SHIP)!

Sometimes it may not feel like it, but you are the captain of your waka (ship).
You decide what you want.
You decide who you want to become.
You decide how you’re going to get there.
We can become so caged by our life’s experiences and conditioning, that we forget everything is a choice. From a young age we're taught what's acceptable and what's not. We're heavily conditioned through our upbringing, institutions, and societal expectations. Often we're told what we're capable of and not capable of.
Until one day, we decide to do something different. Perhaps we hang out with new people, speak up, eat new food, try a new experience, set a new boundary, or maybe practice meditation/breathing?
Whatever it might be, we realise new choices offer new insights. With each new choice, life starts to change incrementally.
Once we realise everything is a choice, we start breaking through barriers and stepping into our own power. Connection to our Hā (breath) is one way to become more aware of our thoughts and actions so we can start making new choices in the direction we want. 
We will always be the captain of our own waka. Half the challenge is realising this truth and then having the courage to navigate ourselves to our desired destination. Arohanui.xx
Hā Habit Founder | Julia Wikeepa
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