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Hā Tool Questions

The Hā tool is based on a similar concept to the straw method, a technique recommended by counselors and psychologists around the world to help calm you in times of stress and anxiety. Breathing through a small hole (e.g straw or Hā tool) slows down the breath and engages our parasympathetic nervous system. This allows us to create the ideal exhale which signals to our brain to relax. It's the perfect breathing trainer.


Without a tool, it can be difficult for people to slow down their breath, especially in times of stress. The Hā tool can be worn around the neck for convenience, it is always within arm's reach, and is durable. Having something tangible allows you to switch your focus from worry to the present moment with more ease. It provides the wearer with a sense of calm.

✚ Excessive stress

✚ Excessive worry

✚ Panic attacks

✚ Anger

✚ Weight Management

✚ Smoking/vaping Cessation

✚ Substance abuse 

✚ Meditation

✚ Increasing productivity

✚ Insomnia

It's easy. Just use soap (of your choice) and water. A cotton bud or mini nylon brush will assist you in cleaning the centre hole.

No. It will not make a loud whistle sound. It's more like a whisper so you can use discreetly.

Click here to find out how to use the Hā Tool.  

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