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Julia Wikeepa is passionate about facilitating Hauora workshops that incorporate the Hā (breath) and integrates an Indigenous & Western approach to well-being. She has experience facilitating workshops in schools, retreats, social organisations, and businesses.

Through lived experiences of anxiety, social anxiety, a public speaking phobia, eating disorders, and substance abuse, Julia set out to find techniques to transform her life. After 12+ years in the area of personal development and obtaining a double major in Psychology and Human Resource Management, she has learnt cutting edge techniques from professionals around the world that have helped transform her life. Now she's on a mission to help others do the same.



Stress Management Workshop Overview 

-Tōku kōrero: key themes interwoven through my story are struggle, commitment to change, self-regulation, gentle approach, purpose, and consistency

- The importance of the Hā (breath) in te ao Māori & Pākeha

- How does AROHA relate to stress and anxiety?

- How to navigate fear, stress and anxiety

- Tapping into the body’s natural calming system

- How to regulate the body and uncomfortable emotions to move forward

- Becoming more self-aware

- Unpack belief systems & our conditioning

- Tū and Rongo: transition from tension or conflict (Tū) to resilience, recovery and calm (Rongo). 

- Small consistent Hā Habits lead to a big transformation

- Focus on what you want - practice using the focus muscle

- Group Breathwork session - calming & focus techniques



New Series Coming

Workshops - Hā: Gateway to transformation series (50 min)

1) Hā Foundation (Nervous System Regulation)

2) Hā for focus (Look for Solutions)

2) Hā Habit: Piki te Aro (Increasing Awareness)

3) Hā: Emotional release

4) Aroha Habit (Ho' Oponopono)

5) He uri au no IO: Hā for Limitless Possibilities


Hā Tool Bulk Orders (enquire for discounted prices)


I'd love to find out how I can assist you and your organisation's needs. I enjoy working with schools, retreats, corporates, social orgs, and collaboration work.

To find out more about workshops, pricing, availability, travel etc, get in touch with Julia at info@hahabitnz.com.