Bulk Hā Tools (Breathing & Anxiety Necklaces) Aotearoa/New Zealand


Thinking about buying bulk Hā Tools for your organisation?

These tools are perfect for your staff, whanau, rangatahi, and tamariki programs. They make meaningful gifts for program completion, symbolising empowerment and taking control of our lives. They celebrate achievement and well-being, offering valuable support during challenges, helping users cultivate calmness and awareness. Hā Tools were created to promote well-being and resilience in your community. Join us in sparking positive change with Hā tools for your organisation.


1. Incorporate into Hauora/Holistic Wellness Programs: Integrate the Hā tools into broader wellness programs as a fundamental aspect of holistic well-being. Provide participants with tools they can use daily to manage stress and enhance their overall well-being, using hā as a foundation to develop calming habits.

2. Completion Gifts: Offer these tools as thoughtful completion taonga at the end of your programs. They’re a tangible reminder of the skills and knowledge gained throughout the program, encouraging continued practice of hā, mindfulness and well-being.

3. Focus and Mindfulness Aid: Integrate Hā tools as a tool to enhance focus and concentration during your programs. Teach participants how to use the tools to shift their attention, promoting a calm and centered mindset for improved learning and engagement.

4. Alternative to Vaping/Smoking: Hā tools can be offered as a positive alternative to vaping or smoking during programs. This not only aligns with a healthier lifestyle but also contributes to creating a smoke-free and vape-free environment. 

5. Mindfulness Breaks: Incorporate short mindfulness breaks using Hā tools in your program schedule. These breaks can help participants reset, relax, and cultivate a sense of mindfulness, contributing to overall well-being.

6. Support for Challenging Times: Distribute Hā tools as a form of support for participants facing challenges. These tools can serve as a constant reminder of the resilience they can cultivate through mindful breathing practices.

7. Cultural Embrace: Hā Tools, inspired by the kōauau (Māori flute), embody the essence of New Zealand's uniqueness. They enable us to celebrate and take pride in our Māori culture.

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