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  • breathing necklace, anxiety whistle, ha tool, anxiety necklace, ha tool classic charcoal
  • breathing necklace, anxiety whistle, ha tool, anxiety necklace, ha tool classic charcoal
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Hā Habit

Hā Tool Classic Charcoal | Anxiety & Stress Relief Necklace

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$140.00 AUD
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$140.00 AUD


Hā Tool | A functional piece of jewelry designed to naturally relieve stress by prolonging the breath and calming the nervous system. Daily breathing practice will increase awareness, rewire the mind, and help you move towards your goals.


+ Relieves anxiety, anger, stress & fear

+ Prevents burnout

+ Small hole elongates the breath to 8-10 seconds

+ Slows heartbeat

+ Increases lung volume

+ Increases awareness/mindfulness

+ Improves self-regulation

+ Natural alternative to medication

+ Scientifically proven to calm mind & body

+ Quiet & discreet tool 

+ Convenient, can be used anywhere & anytime

+ Attractive Stainless steel 316L Hā tool, 58mm length, 13mm diameter. Stainless steel chain 24 inches.

+ Comes with giftbox & pouch


Hā Habit: Break Cycles of Anxiety & Stress (only $10 when purchased with Hā tool)

A short and simple e-book designed to transform your experience of stress and anxiety. Learn how to effectively use your Hā tool in conjunction with powerful methods for navigating life's challenges.  

+ Understand the root of anxiety and fear and how to move forward (value $50)        

+ Learn how to interrupt the anxiety, stress and fear cycle (value $50)  

+ Learn the quickest way to self-regulate - navigate your body's autonomic
nervous system  (value $50)

+ How to best deal with the hard & uncomfortable emotions (value $50)

+ How to keep moving past fear, especially when you don't want to (value $50)  

+ Hā Habit 6 Week Challenge guide: Develop habits for success & growth (value $50)

+ Crush those limiting beliefs (value $50)  

BONUS - Hā Habit: Breathing techniques for insomnia, smoking cessation, asthma, weight management, focus, & productivity (value $50)      


Try it worry free for 30 daysNot happy? We'll refund you 100% 









Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Thank you!!

This tool is amazing! I have been using it to ease my anxiety and for help to quit vaping. Happy to say that after one week I am already taking twice as long to finish a vape pod as I was before. All my friends want one now, too! Thank you Hā Habit team!

Di Breski
Ha Tool

The Ha tool has been really helpful for me in times of stress. Ha is exceptionally helpful in times of anxiousness. Very discreet and it puts me at at ease knowing it's around my neck.
A beautiful invention. Love it
Thank you 😊

Steve Brooks
Wonderful Tool

Absolute game changer! Easy to use and having it on a necklace it's never far away to help in stressful situations. Love it 💙

Teresa Paul

I absolutely love this, the weight is perfect,it reminds me it's there.
I play with it all the time so when I need it no one realizes what it is.
I really like it just as a piece of well designed jewelery

Lisa Leatherby
Ha Habit

I love my Ha it definitely has changed my times of stress I can feel my whole body sink into relaxation. Thank you