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Meet Your Facilitator - Julia Wikeepa


julia wikeepa, maori women, wahine, anxiety necklace

Julia Wikeepa is passionate about facilitating Hauora workshops that incorporate the Hā (breath) and integrates an Indigenous & Western approach to well-being. She has experience facilitating workshops in schools, retreats, social organisations, and businesses.

Through lived experiences of anxiety, social anxiety, a public speaking phobia, eating disorders, and substance abuse, Julia set out to find techniques to transform her life. After 13+ years in the area of personal development and obtaining a double major in Psychology and Human Resource Management, she has learnt cutting edge techniques from professionals around the world that have helped transform her life. Now she's on a mission to help others do the same. 


Stress Management Workshop Overview 

julia wikeepa, maori women, wahine, anxiety necklace


Breathing Through Stress: The Hā Approach to Workplace Well-being 

 $197 per person |  Minimum of 6 people - Maximum 20 people per face-to-face session


 What's included:

1 x Hā Taonga (Tool) of your choice per person

1 x E-book: Breaking cycles of Anxiety & Stress | Delve deeper into our human conditioning & how to break patterns of stress using Hā 

1 x 120 min Zoom coaching session or in person wananga with Julia Wikeepa


Are you looking to enhance your team's well-being, resilience, and productivity? Our Hā workshops, rooted in wisdom of Aotearoa New Zealand, offer a powerful solution.



Discover practical techniques to navigate stress and anxiety, empowering your team with the Hā Habit approach.  



Enhanced Well-being: Equip your team with tools to manage stress and anxiety effectively.

Resilience Building: Foster mental and emotional resilience for challenging times.

Increased Focus: Boost productivity by teaching techniques to shift focus and reduce distractions.

Cultural Connection: Connect with Aotearoa's rich culture and heritage through mindfulness practices.


Workshop Highlights: 

Explore the Nervous System and Emotional Regulation for holistic well-being.

Engage in group kōrero - Utilising Hā as a tool for awareness and transformation.

Learn the science behind breath and its impact on mental states.

Embrace Emotional Mastery.

Discover Indigenous/Maōri Hā Insights - shifting from tu (stress) to rongo (peace).

Experience Practical Mahi Hā/Breathwork session for real-time integration.

Acquire Small Habits for big transformation.


Why Choose Hā Habit?

Julia blends ancient and indigenous wisdom with modern techniques and provides actionable strategies tailored for corporate and social environments.


Key Takeaways: 

Empowered team members equipped to manage stress and anxiety.

Tangible tools for immediate application in both personal and professional settings.

Culturally enriched experience,embracing Mātauranga Māori and fostering unity and understanding.


Who Should Attend?

Ideal for organisations and social groups committed to enhancing well-being, productivity, and resilience. 



Empower your team with the art of Hā Habits, transforming stress into strength and anxiety into resilience.


We would love to find out how we can assist you and your organisation's needs. If you are a school, learning environment, retreat, business or social organisation, get in touch. To find out more about Hā Habit workshops and availability, make contact via the form below or at info@hahabitnz.com.

Hā Habit is based in Tauranga. I am happy to facilitate the workshop in person at no extra cost for organisations in the area.  If travel is required, mileage will be charged at 79 cents per kilometer. We look forward to connecting with you.


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