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Breathing is powerful. So why don’t we all just breathe?

Ancient and indigenous cultures have been using the breath to heighten well-being since the beginning of time. In more recent years, scientists have found resounding evidence that conscious breathing allows people to reduce stress, feel peace, increase clarity, improve sleep, and experience emotional healing.

Learning how to tap into the Hā (breath), can be one of the most transformational experiences of your life. When it comes to calmness and well-being, breathing is an underutilised tool, yet everyone has it at their disposal.


If it’s so effective, why don’t we all just breathe intentionally then? While most people have heard of the benefits of breathwork, a lot of people are skeptical about its effectiveness.


Here are some of the common reasons people don’t use breathing as a healing tool.


“I tried it a few times and felt like it wasn’t doing much, so I stopped.”

“I just don’t understand how breathing could be effective or powerful.” “It feels uncomfortable and too difficult to sustain.”

“I always forget to use my breath when I’m stressed out.”

“I don’t know how to breathe properly.”


The truth is, with practice, conscious breathing can work for everyone. Our body’s autonomic nervous system is designed to calm itself when we consciously breathe slowly. Knowing how to breathe effectively for stress relief and then developing a habit is key. The Hā habit offers a simple solution to develop these calming patterns.

Our Hā Tool, alongside the Breaking Cycles of Anxiety & Stress e-book, will help you to develop a life-changing breathing habit. It just takes a desire, some patience with yourself, and one step at a time.



Hā Habit Founder | Julia Wikeepa

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