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Junior/Kids Hā Tool Koru | Stress & Anxiety Relief Necklace Toolkit

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Introducing the Junior Hā Toolkit: Your Child's Secret to Stress Relief and Inner Calm

Are you a parent concerned about your childs' stress and anxiety levels? We understand how challenging it can be to see your tamariki struggle with these big emotions. That's why we've designed the Hā Tool, a functional piece of jewelry that offers natural stress relief. When you invest in a Junior Hā Toolkit, this is what you'll recieve:

1 x Hā Tool Junior Anxiety Relief Necklace 

1 x Instruction Card

1 x Hā Daily Affirmation Card

1 x Hā Meditation Download for Morning/Evening Routine 


Key Features for Your Child's Well-being:

🌟 Relieves Anxiety, Anger, Stress & Fear: The Hā Tool is a reliable companion for your child when those overwhelming emotions strike. It's like having a soothing friend by their side. Other specific situations to use the Hā Tool could be: bedtime/morning routine, pain relief, frustration while doing homework, before learning & creative activites, plane trip, long car trip, and new situations. 

🌟 Breath Enhancement: With its small hole, the Hā Tool guides your child to extend their breath to a calming 8-10 seconds. It's a simple practice with powerful results.

🌟 Slows Heartbeat: Encourage a slower, more peaceful heartbeat, allowing your child to face life's ups and downs with a steady heart.

🌟 Increases Lung Volume: Boost lung capacity, providing your child with more oxygen to fuel their body and mind.

🌟 Enhances Awareness and Mindfulness: The Hā Tool empowers your child to stay present, fostering greater self-awareness and mindfulness. 

🌟 Natural Alternative to Medication: We offer a safe, drug-free solution for your child's well-being.

🌟 Scientifically Proven to Calm Mind & Body: Backed by science, conciously shifting the hā has been proven to promote tranquility in both mind and body.

🌟 Quiet & Discreet Tool: Your child can use the Hā Tool discreetly whenever they need it, without drawing unnecessary attention.

🌟 Improves Self-Regulation: Equip your child with the tools they need to regulate their emotions effectively.

🌟 Harness the Power of Positive Affirmation: Engrain powerful messages of positivity as your child breathes to the Hā Meditation. This fosters self-belief and confidence.

🌟 Convenient and Portable: The Hā Tool fits seamlessly into your child's daily routine. It's compact, lightweight, and can be used anytime, anywhere.

🌟 Attractive Stainless Steel Design: The Hā Tool is not only functional but also stylish. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel (316L), it's a taonga your child will be proud to wear. It measures 45mm in length and 10mm (thickest point) in diameter, accompanied by a 22-inch stainless steel chain. We also have shorter 19 inch chains available for sale.

🌟 Comes with Gift Box & Pouch: Our Hā Tool is packaged with care, making it an excellent gift option for your child.

Invest in your child's well-being and equip them with the Hā Toolkit, their secret to stress relief and inner calm. Watch as they grow in resilience and take steps towards their goals with newfound confidence. Give your child the gift of serenity today.


🌿 The Koru Hā Tool: A Symbol of New Beginnings 

The Koru Hā Tool takes its name from "koru," which means loop or coil, representing the unfurling frond that symbolises new life, renewal, and hope for the future. Within this tool, you'll discover a larger shape known as Mangōpare, resembling a hammerhead shark. This emblem embodies strength, courage, and power. As we make an effort to connect to hā, always remember to be gentle on ourselves, and know that every day we have the power and strength to start again. 🦈💪

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Matthew Macdonald
Very good

Has helped a lot in stressful moments

So great to hear Matthew. we appreciate your review : )