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Anxiety: Part of our experience, but not our identity

For many of us, anxiety can be an overwhelming force that sneaks into our lives, affecting us in ways we never imagined. Sometimes, it can become so intense that it starts to define who we think we are. We unintentionally take on anxiety as our identity. 

However, it's helpful to know that anxiety is just a part of your experience, it's not the definition of who you are. It's an inbuilt survival mechanism that can feel horrible but is there to keep you safe and alive. Anxiety is a feeling, a passing experience, and not the core of our being. When it does not serve you, it's helpful to tell anxiety "thankyou for trying to keep me safe, but I'm fine, I've got this." 

When you do the inner work, you can discover the depth of your true identity. Ko wai koe? Who are you? From what waters do you come? What is your whakapapa (ancestral) identity? What is your wairua (spiritual) identity?

When you do the mahi (work) and start delving into your true identity, anxiety's grasp lessens and your resilience starts shining through.

You are more than anxiety, and your story is still unfolding. Keep evolving and remember that your identity is beautifully multifaceted. As we start to accept every part of ourselves and our life experiences, we get better at learning and growing, it is here that a magical transformation takes place. Arohanui.xx


Hā Habit Founder  | Julia Wikeepa

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