How to break habits using the hā (breath) & rewiring the subconcious mind

Kia ora whanau!

It's that time of the year - the new year! Ngā mihi o te tau hou pakeha!

If you feel like now is the time to let go of habits that don't serve you, I believe I can help. 

Change happens from the inside out.  

So why do many of us try to make external changes, when we haven't taken any thought to address the subconscious mind and belief systems that run 95% of our actions? 

For most, it's because we are unaware.

To create solid change, we need to understand the power of the subconscious mind, how to rewire it, and have a solid plan to navigate our nervous system and emotions as we move into uncomfortable territory. 

I've vowed so many times to break habits, only to fall back into the old habits that felt safe and comfortable. I haven't had the knowledge and tools to sustain the change.

As I tried to change, I'd have thoughts and feelings that would overwhelm me. I'd feel dread, fear, panic, sadness, anxiety, frustration, and anger. Time can feel like it’s standing still in the beginning stages of change. It doesn’t feel good.

Thoughts like OMG, I’m only 2 days in, I can’t handle 6 weeks of pain and discomfort. The fear would take me off the path because I wasn't aware of what was happening on a holistic level.

Have you ever had thoughts like this that keep you stuck?

  • "I need this to cope with stress; it's the only thing that helps."

This thought reinforces the belief that the old habit is the only effective coping mechanism, neglecting the development of healthier alternatives.

  • "It's too hard; I can't handle the cravings or withdrawal.

Anticipating difficulties in managing cravings or withdrawal symptoms can weaken resolve and contribute to returning to the old habit.

If you have, that's ok, you're human!  Many of us struggle with the same issues. Start learning how to create change from a place of purpose, learn to build a new identity around who you are and what you are becoming. This challenge will train you to make small and simple changes, regulate your nervous system, and get used to trusting yourself & keeping your word.

We'll train you to navigate discomfort.

It’s ok to feel uncomfortable. Discomfort is an inevitable part of change – remember, it doesn’t last forever. They’re just fleeting moments. With every success, you’ll get better at responding with faith, not fear. You’ll understand the power of redirecting your focus and choosing the better path. Over & over again.

If you're ready to release old habits, I'd like to invite you to take part in  6 week road map to habit change challenge.

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