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3 Ways to Move through Anxiety

1. Acceptance.

By accepting the feelings you're having, you acknowledge that it's ok to not feel 100% all of the time. Practice self-compassion - is it a walk in nature you need? Perhaps forgiving yourself? Or maybe it's a nutritious meal? Learn to be kind to yourself during these challenging times.

2. Breathe.

When you're feeling overwhelmed, prolong your exhale so that it kicks in your parasympathetic nervous system. This will naturally calm you. Practice, practice, practice. The Hā Tool is really handy for developing a breathing habit because it is easy to use, it's a trainer that helps you to prolong your exhale, and it is a convenient and functional piece of jewelry.

3. Be prepared to do the healing work.

Debilitating anxiety arises from unresolved trauma. Whether that be small trauma or big trauma, we try to keep ourselves safe so we don't have to experience the pain or discomfort again. When we start regulating the body with the Hā (breath), and know that we are safe, we put ourselves in a better position to process our past trauma. We can start seeing "negative" experiences from a more empowering lens.

Our challenges can be our biggest taonga (gift) when we learn from them.  Start practicing the habit of self-regulation when you feel anxiety, become more aware, and start seeing your life change!

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