What to do when things don’t go as expected?

What to do when things don’t go as expected?

This term, I decided to try out contemporary dancing.

Last season it was hiphop.

One thing I try to do, is to have as many new, fun, and eye-opening experiences as possible.  While dancing is something I enjoy, I’m not the best at it….especially not hiphop lol. But I enjoy the challenge of learning and growing and moving outside of my comfort zone. 

When I signed up, I opted for the open class option.  I assumed that meant open to all ages (usually adults) so I booked in and just turned up.  To my surprise/horror, when I arrived there was a class full of mostly 6 & 7 yr olds, no adults, bar the teacher.  I was a bit embarrassed and straight away I wanted to quickly exit.

But I paused. 

I thought, I’ve made the effort to show up, I might as well just join in.  I might even enjoy it.

And so despite the discomfort, I stayed.

It ended up being fun.  I got to connect with the girls and I think they felt really good about their dancing in comparison to mine lol.

As I reflected, I thought it was a good lesson for our everyday lives.  Often things don’t go as planned.  And while sometimes it can be really frustrating, it helps to try and look for opportunities in the things that go seemingly “wrong.”

In the past, I would’ve gotten out of there asap to save the embarrassment.  

So what’s changed?

I’ve become more aware. I check in with how I’m feeling and know that even though I feel this discomfort, I can respond and act in an empowering way, despite the feeling. I like to ask the question, “Is this action I’m about to take going to increase my power or decrease my power?” When I’m aware and acting from my highest self, I opt for an increase in power.

Through developing small daily habits of meditative breathing, I have been able to increase my awareness and start making decisions from a place of power. It’s also about having perspective, not taking life too seriously and being playful!

So just to recap.

Pause. Stop. Breathe. Feel what you’re feeling. Look for opportunity in everything. Make decisions from a place of power. Don’t take life too seriously.

 Life is too short, let’s try and seize the moment every second we can.


Hā Habit Founder | Julia Wikeepa


 P.S Check out the video of our dancing class below : ) 







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