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30-Day Aroha (love) Challenge: Learn to love yourself

Valentine's Day is coming up and what better way to celebrate than getting well acquainted with loving ourselves?


I've struggled so much with the concept of self-love over the years! Having battled with eating disorders and being inclined to use substances as a way to deal with dis-ease and self-loathing, I'm definitely a work in progress.


Being able to love and accept myself exactly as I am is a big feat. I try and then I fail. I try and then I fail again. But one thing I'm getting better at is being patient with myself and getting back on the bandwagon of self-love and that's all we need to do -  keep on trying.


In order to thrive in our relationships, we need to learn how to love ourselves first. As we do this our capacity to LOVE others grows!


Here are a few ways we can practice self-love:


-When we practice self-love, we get better at accepting ourselves (flaws and all) and being patient with ourselves when we make mistakes.


-When we practice self-love, we get better at setting boundaries and have a clearer sense of self-worth.


-When we practice self-love, we get better at nourishing the hinengaro (mind), tinana (body), and wairua (spirit).


-When we practice self-love, we get better at speaking kindly to ourselves and acknowledging the things we are doing well on a daily basis.


-When we practice self-love, we get better at recognising our own needs and desires and engaging in daily activities that bring clarity, joy and fulfillment.  


When we do these things, we build our capacity to serve and love our whānau and community on a DEEPER level. We can have a greater impact!


Join the 30-day AROHĀ challenge.


What do you do? Complete these 7 habits below every day for the next 30-days.  Each day share one way that you are showing AROHĀ to yourself by tagging us in your stories on instagram or FB. Invite your friends to do it with you and be accountable.


1) Interrupt negative/unhelpful thoughts with the Hā (3 x deep breaths). Follow with the affirmation:

I love you x 3.


2) With every "problem" that arises ask yourself, How can I love this?


3) Read 10 pages of a self-love/help book


4) Drink 2 litres of water


5) Exercise/move for at least 30 minutes


6) Eat foods that nourish you and make you feel good


7) Record 7 things you love about yourself

or that you did well today


Start seeing and feeling the transformation in your life. If you need a Hā Tool to help in your self-love journey, go here. For any queries, please get in touch. 


Julia Wikeepa | Hā Habit Founder

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